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About Bamigbe

People worldwide travel because it satiates their wanderlust! The curiosity to sensitize oneself to more surroundings and cultures takes people to even the farthest and unfamiliar places.

At Bamigbe, we are a big happy community of travelers. We extend support to each other by carrying any package from one place to another while we are on the go! If you are not a member yet, become one today.

You can send/receive any package or carry one with you!

Whether your package has to go just across the next locality or to a whole different continent, we have got you covered!

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Features of Bamigbe Services

Over the past few years, we helped several individuals
and businesses send or receive. Let’s have a look at the most important aspects.


You can send anything. The world is no longer a big place with Bamigbe available to help you send anything to any place.


Shop and receive anything. No distances are a barrier for you to shop for something from a specialized shop or crafter. Get anything from anywhere across the world!


Pick the item and carry it with you. The package will not be too heavy and contain only custom-approved items, so you need not worry about clearance.


Have a package to be picked from a nearby shop? Our network members are available to carry. Send/Receive anything. Or carry something on your way home and earn extra.


Want something to be sent/received securely across the borders? Couriers can be expensive and time-taking. But we are not.

Available off-the-clock hours

Need something late at night or on holiday? Our network members are available 24x7, even on the holidays. Helping needs no time out!


People can use it for getting/sending daily groceries or picking a dress. You can take help for your household tasks.


We cater to businesses too! Send important documents quickly, safely, and reliably. Forgot a file? Worry not. Get it with Bamigbe!


Bamigbe is of the people & for the people which makes it the most secured Carrier network!

USPs you get only with Bamigbe


It’s easy to onboard our network with an application. Install the app and get started. It's as easy as that. Even finding a carrier and arranging a pickup and drop is easy.


A courier takes time. Sometimes your products are waitlisted. But with us, everything is quick. You need not wait for a week or two to get something.


Because someone like ourselves carries every package, you can rest assured about the in-transit safety of the package.


Courier companies have different charging norms. Sometimes sending a handpicked care package to a loved one seems like spending a fortune. But with us everything is economical.

Popular Delivery Destinations

China City


From: $49.99

Uk City


From: $49.99

Nigeria City


From: $49.99

Usa City


From: $49.99

Ghana City


From: $49.99

India City


From: $49.99

What Our Customer Says

We love to hear from you. All the feedback you give us is very much appreciated.

“As a custom shoe Designer with clients in different parts of the world, Bamigbe allows me to sell to customers, and have their shoes safely delivered in less than 48 hours..”
Bamigbe 1
London, UK
“Being a real estate Broker in one of the busiest markets in the world means that I sometimes have to get hard signatures on contracts. When dealing with international clients, Bamigbe makes it easy to send and receive signed documents on a timely manner.”
Bamigbe 2
Lagos, Nigeria
“ Efficient delivery service for modern times. I use Bamigbe when shopping online both domestic and internationally. Always safe and secure.”
Bamigbe 6
Windermere, Florida
“ Easy, convenient, and secure. I’m an International student in the US, and I’ve been a member of Bamigbe network for 6 months. I now send and receive packages with ease from relatives in Kenya.”
Bamigbe 4
Brooklyn, New York
“Fast and convenient service.”
Bamigbe 5
Kigali, Rwanda
“ I’ve been using Bamigbe for my online shopping delivery for over a year. It allows me to shop at any store at any parts of the Globe without worrying about delivery.”
Bamigbe 3
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